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Name: Spade, Kuro
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Race: Shinigami
Personality: (This is a contradiction to what I've said down below, but you'll release why icly) He is a very cold, callous, dispassionate figure, and is rather aloof, brooding, and indifferent.

Biography History: Added later (I got something neat in the making)

Now onto Aizen matters.

My reasoning for betraying can happen, even though the wipe has already started. My character is constantly conflicted ICly with his Zanpakutou spirit, who pushes him to be more and more passionate and emotional when it comes to life. I’m thinking that the Zanpakutou spirit would attempt to more or less control my actions and force my hand by making Kuro to do something he’d normally never do...kill a plus soul/Shinigami and flee to Hueco Mundo.

Once in Hueco Mundo I’ll do some cool stuff I don’t want to spoil like (lolspoilershypocrite) take Hollows and make MY SPECIAL LIL' HOLLOW eat them to make a Hougyoku inside of him or some crazy stuff like that. Upon gaining the Hougyoku I’ll deal with the HK as I see fit and start making Arrancar.

I’ll have Espada but they’ll be organized by something other than power. Each Espada number will have a different job, a task I need them to complete for me. For instance, the 3rd Espada would be my Assassin and I’d use it to take out high-power threats to my Hollow regime. Thus, the 3rd in this case would be stronger then the 1st.

My character would eventually be tainted by living in Hueco Mundo and having the Hougyoku, which will control him much like his Zanpakutou spirit once did. This will be why I make the Espada, etc, since my desire would be to become stable again. Hollows, being unstable creatures in nature, will be stabilized by my Hougyoku, and ICly I will see Arrancar as the future of the Seireitei and the world. People will naturally disagree with me and that’ll lead to conflict.

I’ll take me a Shini or two for Aizen Helpers, since I like them. I will also probably try to host a lot of events, like raids and invasions, as well as make a few cool plans to see what happens. At the very least, I’ll keep things interesting.

RP sample: The slash was parried effectively, a brilliant move on Mia's part. With a sudden pulse of Reiatsu about it, the shattered barrier was given a bit of kick, giving the Kuro a strong push back. He was sent flying, technically, partially from this new force and partially from his own retreat. Extending one leg, he'd be horzontal with the ground, the toes of his left sandal, as well as his right knee and toes, bringing him to a screeching halt.

Looking up with sword still in hand, he let Mia make her move. The dark lights of the Dangai were replaced by brilliant blue flames as two shots of the heavenly fire came barreling in on him. Kicking off, Kuro would run up the slimy walls, his innate speed allowing him to save Sonido for later. Reaching the peak of the blast, he would kick off, flipping over this one two, and landing on the adjacent wall before sliding down to the ground. It was then that Mia spoke.

"Why, Commander?" Kuro asked, his voice sarcastic and, in a sense, uncaring. Kicking off again, he ran towards the Commander in an unpredictable weaving pattern, so as to throw off any assaults. "If you know Hollow are doomed to be purified, and then die like Shinigami, if you know we are all going to reincarnate, no longer how long it takes--"

Upon getting close enough he'd thrust his blade forward with tremendous force towards her stomach.

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