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Skeleton to apply for figure Empty Skeleton to apply for figure

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Biography History:

--If CC--
*Tell me what are you going to do once you receive figure?
*If you don't get it then?
*How will you Choose Captains?
*What are the Rules and Regulations you will make?
*Should you leave SS or not?
*How many Squads will be there if you will be the CC?
*Write a story on how you get a CC potision in the reply.

--If Aizen--
*What are you planning to do with figure when you will be in SS?
*How will you reach hollows and convince them?
*How can you betray Soul Society?
*State the maximum time it will take for you to activate your plans.
*What are your plans after betraying Soul Society?
*RP discovering the Hyo. And also RP using it to fuse with youself and becomming strongest weapon in Shinigamis.

--If Urahara--
*What researches are you going to make while in SS? (Customs are accepted)
*How will you leave SS?
*What will be your profession on earth?
*Why are kidouless necessary?
*What are Unsafe hollow according to you?
*Whom will you make an Unsafe hollow?
*RP discovering the way because of which you can make two type of shinigamis. Also RP your Earth life.

--If Shinji--
*What will the the Vaizord for you ICly?
*What are you going to do once you get the rank?
*How many Vaizords are you planning to make other than yourself?
*RP being natural Vaizord and then mastering your hollow powers.
*How can you leave SS?

--Earth Leader--
*What will be the Shinigamis and Hollow according to you ICly?
*Whom will you make a Fullbring?
*Whom will you make an agent?
*Whom will you grant the power?
*What are your plans related to this rank?

--Quincy Elder--
*Hollow should die but does not get purified. Why?
*How are you planning on making the Quincies?
*What are your plans for this figure?
*Hollow, Shinigamis , Mod souls, Fullbring. State if they are your enemies, friends, Allys, Neutrals.
*RP becomming QE.

--Hollow King--
*What will you do in HM and Earth to bring Chaos?
*Whom will you grant Adjucca or Vastelorde?
*How did your char developed the brain?

--Mod soul leader--
*State your main reason to be leader.
*What is your behaviour against the other races?
*How are you planning on making Mod soul?
*What are your plans as there Leader?
*Mod souls seems to be weak. Are they weak?, Give reason for your answer.

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