Humans and the new perk

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Humans and the new perk Empty Humans and the new perk

Post  Head Admin on Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:40 am

Race name: Human

Type: Starting Race

Can be: Fullbring, Substitute Shinigami, Quincy, Spiritually aware human, Human with power.

Information: Most common race in the world of bleach are Humans. Humans are normal creatures who don't know anything about Shinigamis, Hollows etc. etc. They live there life and enjoy it but, some humans are able to become spiritually aware and can be really strong as well.

Spiritually awarer human: These are the humans with normal human power but, spiritual awareness. They can see hollow, shinigamis and souls. Hence, they know about them if someone already told them.

Humans with power: These are the humans who possess greater power than normal human, they make good agents and they can defend themselves against some hollows like Demi or weak. They seem to be at first stage of opening there power.

Note: Basically we made humans better than before by adding Humans with power. These humans can match weak or demi hollow despite they don't possess any special power at all.

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