Soul, Mod souls and greater power

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Soul, Mod souls and greater power Empty Soul, Mod souls and greater power

Post  Head Admin on Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:14 pm

Race name: Souls

Can be: Mod Souls, MSUP

Types: Melee/ Reiryoku / A particular stat boost.

Powers: All customs, made by players.

Information: Souls are rather frail and weak, but they possess better spiritual energy and those souls who are modified, can be really strong in there fields. They possess special abilities or powers which fulfill there lack of physical powers. A Mod soul in a Gigai can be as strong as fullbring.

MSUP: Stand for Mod souls with unlock powers. These are the stronger version of souls who are able to perform some stronger techniques (Example- Rin rin), Some of them are able to wield weapons as well which they can summon but still they are weaker until unless they possess a Gigai which makes them as strong as Fullbring with advance powers.

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