Jarvis Terran, The Darkness within the Light.

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Jarvis Terran, The Darkness within the Light. Empty Jarvis Terran, The Darkness within the Light.

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Name:Jarvis Terran
Soul Age:300
Physical Age:25
Personality:Stubborn, Animated, and sometimes very distant.
Biography: Jarvis was born in a time where one had to do all it took to survive. It was a time of war, yet a time of redemption for the kingdom of Silesia, where Jarvis had resided. His entire life was spent running and hiding from the soldiers of the invading country, leaving him to never experience things a normal child would. It made him stronger, yet he isn't the most gentle type of person, unlike how he used to be. After fleeing and taking refuge in random places for fifteen years, Jarvis would find himself faced with the opposing countries soldiers, no where to run and nowhere to hide, he had finally been caught. He thought he would just be brought in to serve as a prisoner/slave but the soldiers had been chasing him for so long, they hadn't the slightest intention of bringing him anywhere. They would torture the man, leaving him beaten to a bloody pulp and nearly dead. One by one, the soldiers smashed in Jarvis's face with their rifles, causing breakage upon impact each time. Next, they would tie his arms behind his back and then gun butt him in the gut several times until he spat out blood and vomit. Still holding on to what little life he had, Jarvis would speak his last words to his assailants. "You might kill me but you'll never achieve victory. Mark my words, I'll watch from the afterlife as you all perish. I hope you're all ready for your judgment!" With that, Jarvis would drop his head and take the last blow to his gut. The soldiers had their fun and they decided it was time to just end the man where he stood. Aiming their weapons all at once, the soldiers would open fire on Jarvis and his frail body. It was quite horrible but Jarvis would pass on to a better place, losing all memories of such a tragic incident.

His arrival in the after life followed the creation of the Court Guard Squads, the organization that protects the living world and the afterlife. The Court Guard Squads was home to the Shinigami, the protectors and "police" of this world and the next, who were all trained in the art of swordplay. The Shinigami's organization was still young at the time but they were powerful beyond any other being in the Soul Society. Jarvis was infatuated with what they did from the time he was informed about them. Being that he was just a lone soul that wandered the Seireitei, Jarvis was never far from danger but he was never IN danger. He hadn't been too good with fighting with energies, which a lot of people in the Soul Society used, but he had made a makeshift sword out of stone and wood that seemed to keep him alive for over 30 years. In his travels, Jarvis had met with all types of bandits, murderers, and even a few people who were just looking for a fight and each time he emerged from battle a lot stronger. Though he may have taken a few losses, he still managed to escape alive. Something about his willpower and tactics on top of his dark appearance would cause him to appear more powerful than he was, leaving him to be a formidable opponent, even to those who overpowered him by a lot. His doings had made their way to the shinigami's ears and soon they sent out a few of their warriors to find this wanderer. Jarvis had made a reputation that left a lot of people shaking if he was mentioned in any conversation. It wasn't his power that seemed to overwhelm others but rather his ability to keep fighting efficiently even when beaten beyond all belief. It was like he didn't know pain in this life, constantly getting out of the worst type of situations and living to see more.

Once Jarvis had been found, the Shinigami were a bit skeptical to approach this wild looking man, who appeared to be in his late twenties. The Seireitei had sent out three of their best to find this man, just in case he acted against them and tried to take them out. It wasn't until they got closer that they'd realize he was awaiting this day his entire time living in the Soul Society. He quickly greeted the men and explained to them how he'd modeled his "weapon" to look like the ones they use in their duties. It was quite an honor to have someone outside of their organization admire them like that but the Shinigami had business with Jarvis and they made it clear. It took no convincing for them to take Jarvis along with them and he was clearly ready for anything they were going to throw at him. His arrival into the Court Guards was followed by the immediate testing of his skills. Jarvis was told to use the wooden practice blade but he refused to use it and asked to fight someone stronger, while holding onto his stone blade. He wanted his opponent to use a real weapon against him and this request seemed out of order at first but it was allowed and Jarvis was pit against the sixth seat of the strongest squad. The Shinigami offered the seat to Jarvis, should he be victorius in the fight, and he figured this had to be a joke of some sort. It wasn't going to be a good fight in Jarvis's head but things would prove to be much more in his favor.

As Jarvis began his fight, the experienced Shinigami would await Jarvis to attack him. Thinking quickly, Jarvis dashed at ridiculous speeds for a regular soul toward the man and thrust the hilt of his blade into his side. Making a clean hit, Jarvis felt good, until he forcefully gets punched in his gut, being pushed back a bit. Coughing up a little blood, Jarvis seemed to become an entirely different person, his eyes now darkened a bit from their normal blue color. He took off from his spot, seeming to use one of the shinigami's techniques but clearly not knowing it. Once Jarvis reached the man, he swung his stone blade for the man's face, not even aiming to land a hit. Instead, Jarvis drew out a block, leaving the man's legs open for another attack. Sweeping with his leg quickly, Jarvis would knock the man off balance and let go of his blade. Jarvis, now empty handed, would shift to the right and throw two quick punches into the man's gut. Everyone watched as this mere soul took advantage of the man's weaknesses without even seeing him in a fight before, leaving the decision to be final. If Jarvis would have made a smarter choice in his technique, they would have let him take the seat, but since he was so reckless, they assigned him to the strongest squad and left him unseated for the time being.

It is now the present and Jarvis has made himself known throughout the Soul Society but he refused to fight for a seat, stating that a seat meant nothing to him, he could still serve his purpose. Though he now sits at about the power of a third seat, Jarvis still remains unseated, possesing his shikai and coming very close to discovering his bankai....

Zanpaktou's Name:Defiance

Zanpaktou's Appearance: A long, katana-like blade that has a grey handle with black stripes around it. The blade is an average steel color, seeming to be just a traditional katana.

Call: I don't take orders from anyone. Show them what we do, DEFIANCE!

Shikai Appearance: Upon releasing, Jarvis's sword takes on the appearance of his stone blade he used before becoming a shinigami. The hilt is made of a strong wood-like material that seems capable of standing up to real blades. The blade is made out of energetically hardened stone that seems more durable than some types of real swords.

Shikai Ability: Jarvis gains a massive increase to his natural abilities, leaving him to fight nearly at the level of someone in bankai. Being in Shikai also allows for Jarvis to send out waves of wind strong enough to knock a large building over if he puts enough power into it. Seeing as he gains such a power, Jarvis becomes less durable in this state, leaving him vulnerable to big attacks.

Bankai Name:King of the Rock

Appearance: Jarvis infuses himself with his zanpakuto, turning him into a golem-like creature capable of manipulating the Earth around him. His body becomes much more durable and he is a lot stronger as well, making him a danger in close-ranged fighting. The downside to this bankai is that he becomes wayyy slower than before but his long-ranged capabilities make up for that for the most part. He can't control more than a certain mass of rock at once but it can be pretty dangerous if one isn't expecting such a thing.


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