How Does IC power works

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How Does IC power works Empty How Does IC power works

Post  Head Admin on Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:23 pm

Well in simple manner, IC power in our games works by using multipliers in your Battle level.

For example you are a Squad-less Shinigami and your battle power is 1,000. Then your ICP is 2,000 in normal because being a squadless multiplies your ICP by 2x. If you have Cert 2 as squadless then 2,000 x 1.5 = 3,000 will be your total ICP. And if you have shikai and activate it then your total ICP will be 3,000 x 2 = 6,000 ICP.

Things to remember:
*Buff boosts like Shikai and Bankai will only affect your ICP when your release is activated.

*Arrancar and Vaizord boost is good enough because if you have 1,000 ICP and you are squadless then your ICP is 2,000 but when activate Vaizord/Arrancar mask then your ICP will be 3,000 and now if you have cert 2, Your ICP will be 4,500 and with Shikai release it will eventually reach up to 9,000. So you can see the difference in normal and Vaizord Squadless.

*If you are stripped by figure or because of ic reason then you ICP don't get affected at all.

*If you are stripped by Admin or by OOC reason, then you loose your ICP boost.

*You should understand the power difference in ICP. If your opponent has like 2x-INFx your ICP then you can't really match them. But as long as your opponent is 1.1x-1.9x your power, there is a chance you can win against him.

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