Fullbring and Fullbrings with advance powers.

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Fullbring and Fullbrings with advance powers. Empty Fullbring and Fullbrings with advance powers.

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Race name: Fullbring

Types: Sword fullbring, Sado, Inoue, Kanonji, Customs (If you have one in mind)

Can be: Fullbrings with advance powers

Information: Some humans got attached by hollows when they were a womb. And when this happened, they somehow gain powers like hollows. They are stronger than normal humans easily and they can match stronger hollow than a normal human can match. They can unlock there powers which can be very helpful to destructive. They seem to be able to summon special kind of weapon, shield or other equipment which helps them when fighting against the hollow.

Fullbrings with advance powers: Fullbrings with advance powers are second or last stage of fullbring's power. They unlock there ultimate powers which grants them greater potential they either transform themselves or there weapon into something better. This power can be compared to the Shikai of shinigamis except Fullbrings can't match the Shikai.

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