Quinces and there powers.

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Quinces and there powers. Empty Quinces and there powers.

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Race name: Quincy

Type: Reiryoku Based

Compared to: Archers

Bow Types: Normal, Crossbow, Web bow.

Arrow types: However you can think and make them.

Information: Quinces are also special humans who lives there life as a Priest, pope etc. They are as strong as the Fullbrings and Seated Shinigami member. There specialty is that they can easily manipulate reiryoku and summon there main weapon, A bow. They are very quick in the arts of manipulating the Reiryoku and make rei arrows which are very destructive. There power is reiryoku and speed.

Quincy Apprentice: These are the new and young quinces who are not master in there skills but are learning to control it. They usually have normal bow which moderates there power. And, They shoot out normal arrows at normal speed but as they train and practice more. They can become true quinces faster.

Quincy: A quincy is strong and is the one who completed his training as a Quincy Apprentice. They can summon Cross bow or long bows which are better than the ones that quincy apprentice got. They also seems to be able to equip the quincy items such as gloves, suit etc. There speed and reiryoku manipulation skills are better than the apprentice and they can change the type of arrows to two kinds.

Quincy Masters: Quincy masters are the one who mastered all field in the life of quincy and the one who can now use there ultimate bow, Web bow. There true capabilities are unknown but they can manipulate reiryoku to form many different kinds of Arrows. There speed is really great and there arrows can have any kind of properties (i.e- Piercing, burst, explosion etc.) They can also control the speed of arrow.

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